Basic Training Course Material

Required Reading
Part of the Virtual Training Curriculum Requirements ask trainers to make certain information available and accessible to trainees.

  1. You will need to identify the Shapiro text EMDR Therapy (3rd edition) Basic Principles, Protocols & Procedures as required reading.
  2. You will need to note that The Go With That Magazine Special Issue on EMDR and Racial Trauma is required reading (as some of the learner assessment questions come directly from this magazine).
  3. The Guidelines for Virtual EMDR Therapy also needs to be listed as required reading for trainees.

Required Supplemental Reading
Please provide access to the following items which have been identified as required supplemental reading in the Virtual Training Curriculum Requirements

  1. Journal of EMDR Practice & Research (Volume 13, Issue 4) is required supplemental reading and will need to be made accessible to trainees in your LMS or training manual. (There aren’t any required assessment questions associated with the journal articles, but we believe it’s important to make this available and accessible to trainees.)
  2. The List of Research Citations from the Foundation must also be made available to trainees
  3. Information regarding EMDRIA must also be made available to trainees

Learner Assessment
The EMDRIA Assessment in your LMS needs to be updated. It looks like you’re using a different version of the assessment perhaps it’s the first version we developed back in 2020 for the interim period. You’ll want to make sure you’re using the Virtual EMDR Training Domain 3 Learner Assessment which consists of 45 questions. I’ve attached the word version of the current 45 question assessment so you can more easily integrate that into your LMS. You’re welcome to add additional questions to the quiz if you’d like but you will need to be sure you’re including these 45 assessment questions as drafted.

EMDRIA Basic Training Survey
We’ve created a brief survey that we would like you to add to your basic training LMS and ask your trainees to complete. This is a general survey about the EMDR basic training and will allow trainees to provide direct feedback to EMDRIA. Here’s the URL:

If you could answer those questions above and let me know once those other items have been added, that would be great. Then I can go back into your LMS to confirm that and continue on with the review process. Please note that I will need to hear back from you within 30 days to continue on with the review process.